Learning to bloom where God plants us, this is a hard learned lesson and one that will come with many bumps and bruises. If we will stay planted God can grow and nurture us the way He needs us to be (Psalms 1:2,3). This is most certainly a die-to-self life, the one He asks us to lead. However, when we do, He is able to orchestrate each and every move and bump for us (Psalms 23:1-4). Many times in life we uproot ourselves because of disagreements or disappointments, but this is not the time to uproot. We’re each like a flower that’s planted, but if plants are moved too much they usually don’t get the nutrition needed because of how often they’re uprooted. We need to learn to stay through each storm, if that’s where God has planted us.
The bible says where He plants us, we will flourish (Psalms 92:12,13). When we uproot ourselves, it usually creates a very short term gain and a long term problem. Stay the course and watch how God orchestrates each opportunity. Stay prayed up in the Holy Spirit, because there will be opportunities to uproot each day… But if we are prayed up and ready, we won’t be swayed with each coming wind (Galatians 5:16). There will always be times of change, but it won’t take place in times of frustration but in times where everything is working well (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Stay the course God has set for you and you will fulfill your purpose on this earth, it’s that easy… Stay the course and stay planted!