2018 Trip Outlook

Cambodia & Thailand Update!


This past June, we financed and carried out our 5th and 6th crusades as GO Beyond Borders. All these crusades have been done with our ministry partners, Global Ventures. Together we are taking more unreached souls for the kingdom of heaven! We were in the 10/40 window, which is the most unreached part of the world.

The first week we were in Takeo, Cambodia and had amazing results in this region. These areas were known as the Polpott fields, in reference to the leader of the Khmer Rouge who killed millions of his own people a few decades ago. God came and we had two nights of amazing crusades, thousands heard the gospel for the first time and many received Christ. One man, 27 years old, was healed of deafness he had since birth! We worked closely with a church planting organization, and there was a house church in the village that was ready to disciple the new Christians.

In Thailand, we worked with the only known church in the whole area. It was pastured by a sweet little Thai lady who had been there over 20 years. She had been given a vision by God years ago that he would bring revival to her city. We were that answer and we had some incredible nights of salvations, healing’s and God’s spirit moving in that city. These were some of the largest crusades we have seen there. The follow up is already happening with many house visits that have already taken place along with a picnic for new believers!

God has exceedingly answered our prayers with these results. All together the combined efforts of Global Ventures and GO Beyond Borders saw 31,239 salvations and 478 confirmed miracles!

Upon return we were majorly blessed with a large seed the paid off 80% of our cost. We have only $1,900 left of a $23,000 budget. Praise God, He always supplies!!

The Gospel changes everything,

Joel & April

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