After daytime ministry featuring gospel dramas, anticipation fills the community with anticipation for an awesome night event. Our nightly crusade draws villagers from all walks of life. Picture a woman named Olga, who was born as a Hindu and is nearly blind in both eyes.

Olga heard about our ministry from her daughter who received salvation in the school we ministered in earlier in the day. After hearing her daughter’s report, she is curious about the evening event. She enters a large crowded area as what she thinks to be “just a number in the crowd.” But God sees her and knows her by name. The exciting introductory music and entertainment catches her attention and she settles in with the crowd to see exactly what message this group is bringing.

Very soon, Reverend Joel enters the stage to introduce the event and welcomes the people with joy. He shares several testimonies of physical healing’s or miracles that happened in the day’s ministry throughout the village. April then enters the stage and begins to share the story of creation and the fall of mankind into sin. Olga has heard a completely different story of how things began. This story makes more sense and something on the inside of her heart is softening.

Go Beyond Borders believes in team ministry and developing others, so another team member enters the stage. April hands the microphone to Adam. He shares the gospel message of Jesus Christ being born. He shares about how He is God’s Son, and how He lived without sin and did healing miracles on the earth to prove it. He shares that Jesus chose to die on a cross for each person’s sin and that He resurrected from the dead and is in heaven. He shares how Jesus is alive and proves it today by salvation, healing, and even miracles.

Olga believes the true account of Jesus and admits in her own heart that she desires to know the Truth. Just then, Reverend Joel comes back to the stage and takes the microphone. He shares boldly that salvation is a free gift from God and they can receive it right now. He courageously charges the crowd to believe on Jesus, count the cost, and confess the prayer after him in order to receive salvation. Hundreds of people decide to believe and confess Christ as their savior. They openly decide to forsake their old ideas and follow Jesus. Olga is crying in the massive crowd as she speaks the words of the prayer, asking forgiveness and confessing this Jesus as her Lord. She knows her whole family will be changed because of this night!

Stay tuned, the conclusion of this story will come next week…